Junior Driving Experiences

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Junior Driving Experiences
Junior Driving Experiences

Why should grownups get all the fun? Your child might be the next F1 racing legend, if only you gave them the chance. How do you do this? Easy, buy them something from our extensive range of driving products aimed at those that perhaps aren't quite legal on the roads just yet.

You're never too young to become a petrol head, and car lovers start at a young age so why not do the right thing and let them experience a driving thrill like no other before they are even legally allowed to do so! With tracks from Brands Hatch to Rockingham available, people as young as 12 can now experience the luxurious power of a Lamborghini Gallardo in a safe and exciting environment. They can therefore become a genuine boy racer - or girl, we aren't sexist here - without having to hang out in the local car park!

There are even off road experiences for those that think they'll enjoy bouncing lover the rough terrain of the great outdoors.

Whatever experience they want to experience, if it has an engine and 4 wheels, there will be something here to suit!